Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Simply click this link to get started.

Does it matter where I live?

You may live anywhere in the world and still join Georgia Realty Referrals, as long as you are a licensed Georgia real estate agent.

Will I receive a Form-1099 for tax purposes?

Per Internal Revenue Service regulations, in any tax year where you receive in excess of $500 in referral fees, Georgia Realty Referrals is required to provide you with a Form-1099. Click here to complete a W-9 form online, then print or save as a PDF to send.

How much money does Georgia Realty Referrals keep from each referral check?

The administrative/brokerage fee is only 20% per transaction. You will keep 80% of all referral fees you generate.

Must I complete continuing education to keep my Georgia real estate license active?

Yes. That's a requirement of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, not our company. However, we do make it easy for you and provide links to online training options.

Do I still have access to FMLS, MLS and a Supra lockbox key?

No, that's why our annual fee is so low and our commission splits are so high.  No board dues, Realtor membership fees, E & O insurance, technology fees, monthly fees, listing service fees, etc. Our business model is designed for the agent who wants to keep their license active, refer business out to the agent/broker of their choice and keep 80% of the referral fee.

We don't allow our associates to actively practice real estate (show or list property, have lock box access, etc.)  All transactions are handled on an "arms length" basis, similar to referring a client to an agent in another state.  As appropriate, we do encourage you to stay in touch with your client and the agent to whom you made the referral to make sure that everything is being handled as you would if you were involved in the transaction.

What is the annual fee?

Only $99.99

Does it matter where I refer business?

You may refer business to any participating licensed real estate brokerage. 

How quickly will I receive my referral check after it's forwarded to you after closing?

We strive to electronically generate and mail your referral check within five business days after receipt to allow sufficient time for funds to clear from the brokerage paying the referral fee. Our goal is to get your check to you as quickly as possible.

How much paperwork is involved in joining Georgia Realty Referrals?

None. We've streamlined the process so that you can sign up online, including registration and renewal payments. We have an alternative method that involves email and faxing two documents to us at your preference.

What will the status of my license be with the Georgia Real Estate Commission, active or inactive when joining GRR?

Active. Georgia Realty Referrals is a licensed real estate brokerage in the State of Georgia. The real estate commission does not differentiate between full service brokerages and holding companies.  In their eyes all licensed real estate brokerages are the same and must abide by state laws that among other requirements mandate that a licensee must be active and affilliated with a licensed brokerage to be legally eligible to receive real estate commissions.

Therefore, upon affilation with GRR your license will be active with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and all of the current laws and regualtions apply.

The real estate commission does not specify any limitations of a licensee in our holding company (i.e. not being able to list property ot work directly with buyers) rather our Independent Contractor Agreement speciies and controls exactly what an affiliate can and cannot do with their license.

How do I unaffiliate or move my license somewhere else?

Call our office at (404) 939-2490 or, email your cancellation to We will confirm your request to cancel and give you specific cancellation instructions.