How to Join Georgia Realty Referrals

STEP 1: Broker Paperwork Completion

If your broker requires paperwork (a "Change Application" to be submitted), go to the GREC website (, complete the form and turn it into your broker to be signed and then forward the "Change Application" to Georgia Realty Referrals by emailing

Upon receipt, Georgia Realty Referrals will fill out its portion and forward the form to the Commission. You may proceed to "GRR Membership Registration" at this time or wait until the Commission has activated your license under Georgia Realty Referrals.

STEP 2: GRR Membership Registration & Filing Fee Payment

If you are an agent with an "inactive" license and your license is "not lapsed" (GREC fees paid and continuing education current) and it has been LESS THAN TWO YEARS from the date your license was removed from your former broker.

REVIEW our Independent Contractor Agreement and be added as an agent with Georgia Realty Referrals online.

If your license has been on inactive status for TWO YEARS OR MORE, you cannot be added to Georgia Realty Referrals online.

We Are Together with You

If you are an agent with an "inactive" license and your license is "lapsed" with GREC (GREC fees not paid or continuing education not current), please contact GREC on how to proceed before affiliating with Georgia Realty Referrals.

If you are a "new" agent, obtain a "Sponsoring Broker Statement Form" from the Broker of Georgia Realty Referrals. Please call (404) 939-2490 or email to request the form). Submit the completed form with the Broker's signature to the AMP test center when you apply for an active license. Proceed to "Membership Registration" below.